Makers Of Netflix Open Up On The Scenario Of American Immigration System

Netflix has come up with something really special for Americans. The online streaming channel generally does proper and minute research works before they start any new show on their platform. But this year, they have made something important and emotional for the citizens of America. That is the new documentary film, Immigration Nation.

It is a documentary film by Netflix classified into six parts. The makers of the film are Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau. The story is entirely about the immigration system of America. But essentially it is not a one-sided story. It showcases both the immigrants and the enforcers. The observations of Shaul and Christina about the US government and the conclusions they have drawn are quite significant. They have observed use of bureaucracy as weapons.

To make the film, Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau researched the whole immigration system of America thoroughly. They studied the work process of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. They studied the political part of the system too. The film highlights the lives and uncertainties of unauthorized immigrant workers. The involvement of politics makes the situation more complicated. The documentary shows immigrants dying while crossing deserts.

The directors of the film shared that they had a good relationship initially with the ICE agents but later had an issue with them over showing the facts. But the directors were determined and they finally revealed what the truth was. They also shared that there were different kinds of challenges and inconveniences to build up the total thing but they overcame those in a successful manner.

The makers have a positive approach and they are also planning good stories for the upcoming time. They want to make people aware all about the USA and the happenings in their country. They are really proud that they have come up with such an inspiring piece.

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