Michael Jackson Was The Trend Setter For Singles To Top Billboard Chart

It is a dream for any singer to top the Billboard chart with singles. But it would not ever become a reality for any singer if Michael Jackson was not there. It is him whose song debuted at the Billboard chart’s no.1 for the first time. The interesting fact about the song doesn’t end here only. The song was actually written by another singer. Obviously he was a famous singer too.

Michael Jackson’s creations are forever. But HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book 1 was really a distinguished one among them. This album was considered by Billboard as a greatest hits one. HIStory was the greatest hits album and at the same time an album full of new recordings. Moreover, this album gave the opportunity to understand Jackson’s other hit songs and even to know how Michael Jackson evolved to become Michael Jackson.

The surprising and unknown fact regarding the album is that Jackson suddenly went to another star with the request to write a song for him that was later included in this album. Every song of the album HIStory was hit but one of the first released hits was the single ‘You Are Not Alone’.

This song was written by R Kelly. Kelly thought Jackson to be joking with him. But when he understood Jackson was not, he immediately started the work, feeling honored. Later to Kelly’s surprise, Jackson put the song in the album without making any change. This song topped the Billboard chart in 1995. After that, the singles topping Billboard chart became regular gradually.

Kelly copied Jackson’s distinctive vocal styling on the demo for the song. For those fascinated in what identifying what Kelly’s take on the number looks like, Kelly later rolled out a cover of the song on his super hit album Love Letter. Kelly was amazed Jackson didn’t make any modifications to “You Are Not Alone” when the ace personality recorded the number.

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