Number of Chinese Firms Including Alibaba May Be Banned In USA

The impact of the claim that Chinese firms in USA have illegally transferred data to their own country seems to be greater. Not only Tiktok, but USA is also planning to ban a number of other Chinese firms located in that country. Reputed firms like Alibaba, the leading e-commerce merchant may be among them. After US President Donald Trump has imposed executive orders on Tiktok’s parenting establishment ByteDance, he is, as per reports, intended to impose a ban on some other Chinese firms too.

The Trump Government on 14 August asked ByteDance to get rid of its interests in Tiktok, widely popular video making and sharing application of China. ByteDance has been asked to do so within 90 days. Trump in his order said that he believes ByteDance may take proper steps against anything that is a threat to the national security of the USA in any form. The previous order was to force ByteDance to get rid of Tiktok in 45 days, otherwise, the US stores were to stop distributing the app straightaway.

Michael Pompeo, US Secretary of State has repeatedly assured the Americans that their data are in all ways safe and the government is always determined to keep that so. To ensure that they have decided to ban Chinese apps like WeChat and Titok. On the other hand, Tiktok has denied the data security breach and been adamant about not leaving the USA. Now the new order imposed may force ByteDance to destroy all data Tiktok has related to its users of the USA. At this time fresh indications of banning more Chinese apps have come. India also has banned a bunch of Chinese apps doubting data security breaches.

Alibaba is ready to announce the results tomorrow with analysts guessing the tech giant to take advantage of swelling web sales in the Chinese zone during the month of June.

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