Reason Behind Five Having No Real Name In  “The Umbrella Academy”

The Umbrella Academy has been a teen series full of surprises so far. Now we have a new clue for you regarding it’s one of the favourite characters which is Five played by Adian Gallagher.  In the comics though each Academy member calls him Five or The Boy. The funny fact is that he does not have a real name! but towards the fan forums this very important question has been raised a lot of times.

In contrast to his sibling characters he is only called by his number that is Five. His character not having a real name signifies his tremendous yet shady profession which shows him as an assassin.

The Netflix based series is quite popular amongst the anime fan section. Each member of the Umbrella Academy has been adopted by Reignald Hargreeves who is the main searcher and farseer character bringing justice in the fantasy universe. He has worked over the episodes of the series so that all the characters can get their powers. All the Academy members have been working closely with each other in heavy quests of power feeding and skill generation. Five seemed to be eager to highlight his high-jumping, twisting skills which lures the young fans consisting of small kids and teenagers.

He is totally impatient and jumps upto into a future of uncertainty and gets stuck there by accident and decades passes. He was stuck there alone and the only name he knew was his name “Five”.

Actually the reason why he does not have a real name is that his mother Grace gave each member their names in absence of Five. Now in Netflix adaptation this cannot be seen and no reason is provided for it. With his future and past coming and going between his working with The Corporation and his loneliness in that universe explains us how he became that he never wanted a name for himself.

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