The New Poco F2 Pro has a lot of Charming Qualities: Have a Look at the Features

The new Poco F2 Pro is one of the best yet the most underrated phone of 2020. The reason why say it is one of the best because of the features that it holds! Just check the features and see how you will get an idea about the specs that would make the phone a perfect choice.

  • Snapdragon 865 with 5G
  • Best design
  • AMOLED panel
  • Good battery life
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Retractable front camera module
  • 6.6 inch display

The look and the feel of the phone are too good and yet you can get it at a price under $500. Snapdragon 865 is quite popular for its performance and this phone is equipped with this amazing option. Hence lags and slowing of the phone will never happen with you. The screen helps you with streaming of HDR content from various sources. 

Poco has chambers which will help you to get rid of the heat quickly and hence there would be no heating issue with this phone. The phone comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. There’s NFC as well as Bluetooth 5.1. 

Poco F2 Pro is one of the best and the fastest phones in its league. It has a good battery life too. It has a massive 4700mAh battery which will help you to use the phone at a stretch for 8-9 hours. There’s a 33W charger along which will just charge the phone fully in 65 minutes. Don’t you think that’s awesome!

The phone is equipped with MIUI 11 based on Android 10 and a few days back the update of MIUI 12 was received. 

Poco F2 Pro can shoot 8K videos at 24 or 30fps which would give perfect and very clear pictures! The phone is good enough to take vibrant and deep shot and thus even when the places are not well lit they would give great looking images. 

After reading so many good things about Poco F2 Pro, would you like to say, oh we didn’t know about how charming it was? Now you know, so what have you decided?


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