For Google’s Smart Display Devices, Facebook and Amazon, Zoom Video is on its way

Work from home amidst the pandemic has become a way of life and many offices are following this way for the safety of their employees too. Zoom video communications has become a popular choice for all this and hence there has been an announcement from Zoom that soon it will be available for Google, Facebook and even Amazon.

Zoom for Facebook will start from the coming month and for rest of the two platforms that’s Google and Amazon, Zoom will start at the end of this year.

Just last month Zoom had come up with HAAS which means hardware as a service program and this will be an affordable option for conferencing. This will give the businesses to communicate well with their employees.

During the pandemic, a lot of offices have given its employees the opportunity to work from home and hence this has in fact created lower overheads for the businessmen and the organizations. Thus, work from home has become an important choice these days and due to this the demand for Zoom is definitely going to increase. Can you believe Zoom mobile app has 173 million users in the world and most of the users joined after 14th March only.

For Facebook, apart from Zoom there are other important things coming to the portal and these include Webex, Bluejeans, GoToMeeting  etc.

The trend of working from home has become a popular choice these days and hence adoption of these platforms will become more aggressive in the coming days. In fact, in spite of working at home in this fashion, people found that the work was getting done. So, for enhanced safety, the employees as well as the organizations feel that working from home is a good idea.

Have you been working from home too? What do you think would it be great if Zoom comes up over platforms like Amazon Echo, Facebook and Google’s Smart display devices?

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