Google Maps Are Becoming More Attractive Now

Google is continuously giving efforts for the last 15 years to make betterment in the Google Maps section. The map is already feature-rich with accuracy, easy access, proper guide, easy to understand, and attractive to look.

But the company still wants it to improve more. Now Google is adding a color feature to the map which will show specific regions more vividly. Instead of using a general color for an area, it will now use a more detailed color coding. Till now a terrain has been marked with a color based on the kind of terrain and the pattern of vegetation in the region. From now, the terrain will be shown using more color-coding.

The company says it was thinking how a Google Map user can be possibly given an experience of visiting or exploring an area and to do that they have to use varieties of color-coding.

Currently, Google Maps cover 98 percent of the population of the world with their HD satellite imagery

The new color making technique has allowed the new map to show beaches, blue lakes, desserts, rivers, ocean, and all in different colors. It will also give the advantage to know how a mountain looks getting covered with snow when the mountain is actually having greenery then due to summer.

Google’s computer vision collects images of areas like icy, mountain region, arid, etc, and analyzes them well. Then it is given color, like green to the forest. Users of Google Maps will now get access to street information in more detail including wheelchair and other things. Firstly, it will be implemented for New York, London, and Sun Francisco and then expanded everywhere.

The second declaration that the tech giant has made is pertaining to CarPlay. Google Maps is currently attuned with the dashboard outlook on Apple’s CarPlay screens.

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