Onward Mobility’s New Blackberry 5G is on its Way and Might Launch in 2021

The new Blackberry device is expected in the coming year 2021. You guessed it right. It is going to be a 5G phone and it will have a conventional physical keyboard.  TLC had dropped the name Blackberry and hence the new company Onward Mobility has picked the same up and now this new company is coming up with a new Blackberry.

The company has set up the goal to bring out the phones in European markets as well as the North American markets in the start or mid of 2021. But there’s no official confirmation about this from the company s of now. This is because, the phone is supposed to great in features and also with the 5G connectivity. So, the company doesn’t want to take any chance with that and hence they want to float a phone which is a complete package in every way.

Just like the reputation that Blackberry has, Onward Mobility will keep that thing on of keeping the data and communications of the users private and secure. As of now, there are no other products listed on the website. There are speculations that the consumers might not be able to buy these phones online or through the retailers as they were meant for enterprises and the Government. But then, one report also claims that it would be available for the consumers as well.

As of now, we only know that the phones will be floated in North America and Europe. But whether they will be available at other locations at the end of 2021 or after that is still not clear.

Are you quite excited about the new blackberry 5G which is supposed to launch in the coming year? A lot of people are because they really longed for that conventional phone which was an amazing solution for enterprises till date.

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