Preloading Goes Live For Marvel’s Avengers Open Beta

Following the pre-order beta version for the Marvel’s Avengers just last weekend. Now from today (August 21), you will be privileged with an opportunity so that you can get an impression of the game. You just need to have a Square Enix account to play it online as preloading as gone live for the superheroes franchise movie. If you had an account for Final Fantasy 14, then you can use that to quickly make yourself be able to sign in with the Squnix account and start preloading the game just right now.

The beta version will welcome us with a good interface of high-end stylish gameplay which includes multiplayer missions to join in the video game play party with friends.  Some story extras are showcasing Ms Marvel, who will reveal some facts and wiki tapes about your dedicated superheroes ranging from Superman to other characters. 

Be ready to be part of some heavy mash button playing which is set to test your gaming skills level (in case you are rookie and want to be pro then this game is a starting point). You can choose from an array of superheroes including The Hulk, Thor or even the AI superhero Iron Man. Your primary target would be to level everything around you yet, which is against your nature and purpose. Enemies will come flying to kill you, making you helpless in the first place, but if you can pick up a fight, then you will win the game for sure. 

The unlocked features are also available from the full version, so there is a lot in this as contras to any beta version. The closed beta version which came up last weekend is available for the PC players for the very first time although some technical glitches and performance-based issues are reported despite a patch being released one should be optimistic that it will get resolved very soon.

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