Red-Eyed Morgan Seen In Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Poster

The first official poster of Fear The Walking Dead showing Morgan Jones as red-eyed man is finally out in the public media. Again actor Lennie James will be the portraying the central character. This movie is massively stated as a fan favourite one. It is the spin-off to The Walking Dead which first released back in 2015. It came up with a new characters range as they started their portrayal navigation which originated from the zombie outbreak. After this Fear, the Walking Dead team started linking story plots and characters which also involved Morgan, which connected the two series’ different narratives. 

Starting off from where the fifth season had ended, season 6 shall be providing us with an immediate update on the central character on Morgan and his fellow survivors, who were last seen migrating from the first camp to the second camp and this sequence goes on until he is able to provide important aid amidst their travel paths. When Morgan group had finally sought help, they were bounded to do so from the main villain, Virginia and her group named the Pioneers.

She was able to signify the heroics of Morgan as she felt him as the only threat to her throne. At the end of the season 5 finale, the group gets divided due to inner conflicts and different motives. 

At last, Virginia shot Morgan and thus leaving him for dead at a church along with the nearby zombies. The end was horrific and yet unsolved. Now, this season 6 poster quite frankly states the bloody vengeance Morgan is going to take which is evident from his red-eyed face. The poster tells us about the expected fate of Morgan. The character of Morgan might become pivotal, thus paving the way for someone else’s entry in the series. The tagline “The Past Is Dead” also gives this idea but it is too early to expect what kind of story this season will have for the fans. For now, Morgan is there at least.


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