Video Conferencing Via Google Meet Will Allow Larger Screens Now

Work from home has become a new norm now. School classes, art, and cultural classes, even vital meetings and conferences are now being held virtually in every corner of the world as getting out of home and gathering are not safe for us. In these circumstances, any technology that is of utmost necessity is the video conferencing application. To keep up with the current situation almost all the tech giants have introduced or upgraded their video conferencing application. Google meet is one of the most useful apps now.

Some people use this facility in their mobile while others connect it through desktop or laptop. Google keeps thinking about providing more advanced services to its customers. Now, Google wants to add a larger screen while conferencing via Google Chromecast. Using Chromecast you can connect the conference to your television screen which has to be an Android TV or you can connect to any device that has a bigger screen and is connected with Google cast. It will help to see things and persons clearer and bigger. School classes, exams, presentations during office meetings will very much need this facility.

The latest Google Chrome version on a desktop will offer this new Google Meet on Chromecast option. The Chromecast demands to be included on the firmware device too. Google meet conferencing via Chromecast will allow the desktop, laptop or phone’s audio, camera, and microphone. Just the picture will be seen on the bigger screen.
As of now, G Suite users can organize video calling with up to 250 participants.

But after 30th September the number will come down to 100 for education and other small purposes and 150 for business users. Earlier 2020, the company rolled out Google Meet on Nest Hub Max, and now the company just felt right to swell Meet to even additional screens in user’s homes.

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