Alternative Fourth Judge Might Bring Freshness To America’s Got Talent

The very popular NBC show America’s Got Talent is going through a number of challenges in its season 15. At first, they had to compromise with the format of the show in order to maintain health guidelines in recent conditions. After that one of the judges of the show, Simon Cowell had an injury due to a bike accident and undergone back surgery.

Simon’s absence was however made up by the show makers with two guest judges Kelly Clarkson and Kenan Thompson. Well, the substitutes were good enough and went well with others of the show and the audience. From this, it can be considered that the show can actually run with a rotation process for the chair of the fourth judge.

While three permanent judges are always there, the fourth one can be a surprise for every week or at least two weeks for the viewers. This thought is emerging as both Kelly and Kenan came in the show with some fresh air. Despite the fact that Simon Cowell does his part flawlessly, a changing face would be a nice thought. It is also not justified to Simon just because he had a bad time and the show ran well even without him. But on the show’s part, leaving the fourth seat open for different celebs can attract the viewers more and give freshness to the environment.

Just like Saturday Night Live cast member Konan and The Voice winner Kelly, celebs from different aspects can be brought to the show because judges don’t actually choose the winner in the show.

For the time being, the show will have to either bring Simon Cowell back sooner rather than later or carry on hiring guest juries to fill up his seat for the time he gets recovers. Season 15 has taken the turn towards the live shows, and the impetus should only pick up.

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