Brad Pitt Reacts Strongly To Angelina’s Latest Claim In Their Ongoing Battle

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are living separately for four years now. But their battle of the court has not come to an end yet. After Angelina’s lawyers claimed the private judge appointed in the case by her to be removed because of his inefficiency, now Brad’s lawyers have reacted strongly against her accusations.

A few days ago Jolie’s legal team appealed via a motion in the Los Angeles superior court that John Ouderkirk, the private judge appointed in the divorce case should be fired as he is making Jolie’s case weak and getting something in return from one of the lawyers hired by Brad Pitt. It was further claimed that Ouderkirk and Pitt’s lawyer Anne C. Kelly has business relationships and that’s why Ouderkirk wasn’t disclosing those cases which can make that relationship public.

In this context, Pitt’s lawyer has fired back against Jolie and her legal team. They have strongly opposed the claim of Ouderkirk’s removal. They said, “against this environment, Jolie’s sudden cry of legal bias reeks of bad trust and worry, not to remark careless disrespect for the practical rules envisioned to root out legally conflicted judicial majors.”
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had been declared single earlier. But the custody of their six children and the claim over assets are the issues they are legally fighting over against each other.

In the meantime, the children haven’t met their grandparents in the last four years while their parents are in a constant battle against each other. Sources claim that though Angelina had differences of opinion with Brad’s family, they took the children to his parental house often. But it was totally unpredictable that the situation would deteriorate as it has.
Now, let’s see what will happen next in both cases. The fans have also crossed fingers for the favorite stars.

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