Fitbit Versa 3: What would the Design be Like? Also Know about its Price Tag

Fitbit Versa 2 was tested last year and now Fitbit Versa 3 is on its way. Even though Fitbit is more into tracking, with the Versa it has the option also of the best computing capabilities. The amazing design and look of Fitbit 2 have made this a hit in the market.  Now people are curious to know what Fitbit 3 has in the kitty for you.

There is too much of enthusiasm and anxiousness among the fans and they would really want to know more about its release date, price tag and also presence of Alexa like it was there in Versa 2.  But sadly, at point we do not have too many answers. This is because what we have in hands are just the leaks and the speculations. There’s no official confirmation about this model as of now.

When is the release expected?

Normally, Fitbit has a trend to always go ahead with a launch during the fall and so it is expected that in a few months’ time there should be arrival of this trendy stuff. But, there’s no obsession like Apple or Samsung who would always stay stuck to their schedules. The Fitbit brand is quite flexible and so you can’t say that the launch will be exactly in September or October. 

As of now there’s no official announcement about the price range of Fitbit Versa but as per the available speculations, the chances are that the product will be launched at a price of USD 200. 

What could be the design like?

As per the leaks as shown on German site Winfuture, the design of Versa 3 might be like Versa 2 and Versa 1. But the physical button that stayed on the left side of Versa 2 would be skipped and in that place there would be a touch button. It is estimated that the gadget would be water resistant and would have a built in microphone.

So, are you excited to meet Fitbit Versa in person? Well, wait a bit for the new Fitbit!

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