James Wan Movies Analyzed And Ranked; Look For The Best And Worst

Director James Wan has left a permanent impact on film lovers with films like The Conjuring, Insidious, Saw and many more. Those who are fond of horror films love him more as horror is Wan’s own genre. The Malaysian-Australian director has done a good job in thriller movies as well.

James wan with his writing assistant Leigh Whannell is best at creating a plot full of tensions and suspense and then presenting a neat story through a strong motive and an ideal atmosphere.

Saw gave Wan recognition. But Stygian, his first full length feature film, made him reach to a new height. If his own movies are compared to each other, the ranking will be like this.

9. Death Sentence
People who love extremely violent movies only will love this film.
8. Insidious: Chapter 2
Following the same story track couldn’t help the movie to create the same magic as the original Insidious.
7. Aquaman
It received a good response but not from everywhere. Some parts seemed to be silly.
6. Dead Silence
It is considered as the most underrated film of Wan. The plot and ambiance were impressive. It was really exceptional.
5. Furious 7
It is loved for action sequences mainly. The movie has a feel too and isn’t lost from series continuation.
4. The Conjuring 2
It is an example of a perfect horror movie. Though being a sequel made it a bit predictable.
3. The Conjuring
It is a haunted house classic of modern films. James Wan has given this best here.
2. Insidious
The plot of the film will give the director full marks. The movie also bagged positive reactions.
1. Saw
The audience loved Saw, critics didn’t. However, the movie had twists and tensions balanced well.

He enjoys a huge fan following and has established himself as a popular personality.

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