Razer’s Ergonomic New Mouse on its way with the name Pro Click

Razer has always been a popular choice when it comes to amazing gaming accessories. But now it seems that even Razer feels that just like the other companies, it should keep the ergonomics ahead than anything else. Razer is now on its way to launch the series of ergonomic wireless mouse. This one is amazing in design and function. 

The new mouse with the name Pro Click is priced at $ 99.99 and will have an amazing design and sophisticated look.  This one is going to be great in grip, hold and would fill up the palms perfectly. This mouse has been created to keep your wrist at a 30 degree angle. 

Once this mouse will be launched people who would use this one won’t compare about any sort of injury or discomfort. So, you can say that the mouse is somewhere in the league of Logitech MX Master 3.  Equipped with 16000 DPI sensitivity and 5G optical sensor this one is a perfect thing for your gaming as well as regular tasks.

The other amazing features of the mouse include:

  • Two buttons that have a pill shape
  • DPI switching button
  • Can pair with your device with the help of Bluetooth
  • 400 hours of battery per charge

There’s one more product from Razer which is on the way and that’s not as ergonomic as this mouse, but yes, it is a good keyboard which is good for your office as well. It has a noiseless and yet good keys that would help you to get the task done pretty well. This keyboard can be paired to your device via the BlueTooth. 

There’s one more thing from Razer and that’s an amazing glide mouse pad which is quite amazing and affordable. It has a price tag of just $9.99. 

So, all those Razer fans, there’s a reason to smile as so many accessories are on its way and you are surely going to love this all

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