Sony’s Digital Ad On PlayStation 5, The 74 Second Video Will Give You ‘Feel’

Sony has come up with a digital advertisement for the PlayStation 5 video game setup. The Spot video of 74 seconds with “Play Has No Limits’ theme, which is the global theme for PS5, indicates the launch of the gaming console is on the cards.

The spot video, Sony’s new marketing blitz is mostly computer-generated, as it is suitable for the ongoing problems. The advertisement has involved over 70 artists of visual effects.

As it is evident from the video, the PS5 from Sony will have 3D audio. This feature will play various types of sounds at the same time. These sounds make the controller create sound sensations and these sensations make the game more realistic.

Eric Lempel, the global head of marketing of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said, “The impression behind the spot is… showcasing how (the PS5) will engage the player inside the game world by making the usage of those features.”

However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the time of launching Sony PS5 yet. Details like the saling method or price are also unknown except for the information that it will be out in this holiday season.

As it is seen in the past and as Eric Lempel said, the current situations have not allowed the company to host promotional events for their PlayStstion5. Lempel said they always ensure proper marketing and celebrations before hitting the market with such a big launch but this time the scenario is, as we all know, different. So it will be a new challenge for the company.

Through the new video, their effort is to connect with people, provide the gamers the feel of a new and updated PlayStation.

The users are keenly waiting for the same. The company is also excited about the kind of reaction it gets.

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