Cobra Kai Season 3 Will Be Timely On Netflix

There is no need to worry guys as Cobra Kai season 3 will be on time coming on Netflix. This news has been confirmed by series creator Josh Heald who said that show’s post-production has been wrapped up before the widespread production was halted after the shutdown was placed in the entertainment industry due to the global situation of corona pandemic. There is only one delay thing which will be faced by the fans as the show is changing hands from YouTube to Netflix. It will be only available on Netflix so do not keep on searching it on YouTube as you would not find it there.

It was back in June that an update had come up that Netflix has bought the streaming rights of Cobra Kai series which is the TV adaption of superhit Karate Kid film series. The first two seasons are set to debut on Netflix later this month and the season 3 will follow them. Josh Herald had told a famous media publication in a recently given interview that the new running of episodes was squared at last moment in order to avoid a delay.

He told in a frank mood that season 3’s production was wrapped up before the end of 2019 and post-production has finally reached the completion point which is a positive result. He accepted that there was a minute level of overlapping and some final touching was to be given in context to special effects and final quality check for Season 3.

The Youtube provided the show with a mass appeal platform and the show benefited from it with the 2018 debut and still, the company decided to stay focused less on originality of the content after which Netflix showed up interest to get to premiere it for the season on its a platform but it wishes the audience to be ready for it so the release date is still not there. 

Season 3 picks up the storyline as par to the original movie Karate Kid with William Zabka and Ralph Macchio reprising their roles as Johnny and Daniel. The series will now switch to Lawrence’s point of view and deals with his decision to reopen Cobra Kai dojo along with redesigning his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso. 

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