Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Shows Superman’s Return

Justice League Snyder Cut trailer has finally released by filmmaker Zack Synder for HBO Max. It’s the version of DC universe from Synder’s point of view. It had created a lot of buzz with its poster from day one, and the finally released trailer has plenty to offer. 

It was released on Youtube on 22nd August (Yesterday) and has gained more than 60,000 views so far, which is more than expected in the expert’s view. We cannot forget that Justice League’s direction was to be done by Zack Snyder, but he eventually exited the project before it’s shooting was complete. Warner Bros. made Joss Whedon the director who did reshoots and made the final theatrical trailer. 

If comparison has to be made then much has changed between the two versions as Synder’s original version can be seen edited evidently.  It is also because of the reason that Warner Bros. did not want risk with the “same story same package” stigma. 

Following it, the crazy fans of the filmmaker had started an online movement for releasing the Synder Cut version, and due to the pressure of boycott (just like Bollywood is facing it in India), the production released it to let the fans be happy and avoid the furore on this issue.

It will release on HBO Max in 2021, and the official trailer is available on HBO’s official website plus YouTube. After the trailer was confirmed to be released, Synder was seen sharing teasers of what can be expected in his version of the superhero movie. 

He maintained a steady flow of stills and mini clips which showed us how the movie’s version from his point of would be. The film was highly successful in theatres with critics appraising it too.

The Syndercut trailer shows Superman’s superb return as he is seen wearing a black belt in a fresh look which will surely catch the eyes of fans. He is no longer in his red-blue attire but a black version of it. Darkseid has also joined back in the superhero character’s league with the yet strong will to bring justice to the DC universe.

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