Netflix In Trouble For Upcoming Film ‘Cuties’ Poster, Changes It After Seeking Apology

Online streaming platform Netflix is in an uncomfortable situation regarding the new French film ‘Cuties’ which it’s going to release on 9th September. Recently Netflix has released the trailer of the movie. Soon after that, there have been objections about the film’s poster they have designed.

The 11-year-old girl Amy is shown in the movie to have joined a dance crew with ‘free spirit’, rebelling against her own family. The allegation against the movie is that they are campaigning sexualization of adolescent or teenage girls “for the viewing pleasure of pedophiles.” This had been named “Mignonnes” when the movie was shown first time at the Sundance Film Festival.

Now social media users have raised their voice against the poster of the movie designed by Netflix. Four young girls with bare legs are seen on the poster and netizens have called it “upsetting” and “disgusting”. To control the rage, Netflix took to its official Twitter handle and said sorry to all. Admitting that the “inappropriate artwork” didn’t actually represent the award-winning film. They also informed that the picture along with the description has already been changed.

Numerous people signed a petition demanding Netflix to remove the movie directed by Maimouna Douccoure from their streaming platform. After that, Netflix has sought an apology on the issue.

The movie is about Amy meeting Angelica whose world is totally different from hers and joining Angelica’s dance group changes Amy’s life. The French director has told that the film resembles some extent her childhood.

Net users criticized Netflix for endorsing the forthcoming movie utilizing a poster that supposedly sexualized young lassies. The streaming giant was condemned for choosing this specific creation for the movie’s release, although the French edition of the movie utilized a less debated poster — in which four young females are witnessed throwing shopping bags in the air.

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