TikTok Will Sue Trump Administration For Sure

On Saturday TikTok declared that it would file a lawsuit against US’ Trump administration after it passed an executive order demanding the parent company ByteDance to wind up its operations in the United States Of America.

TikTok’s US operations unit acquisition was the major tech news from a couple of weeks. Donald Trump first commented on it that if within 45 days deadline no company (which included Microsoft, Reliance Jio, Oracle) does not take over the company through full sell-out deal then it will order the shutting down of TikTok USA with an executive order.

Now since no deal was finalised with any of the above-mentioned bidders interested in the controversial social media platform, the company has now cleared for the first time for that it will go ahead with a lawsuit which highly possible.

TikTok spokesperson issued a statement that although the company strongly disagreed with the Trump administration’s move for more than a year the company was engaging in for good faith for a concrete solution which could not be achieved due to the second party fixed mindset actions.

Company has accused the Trump administration of giving no interest and time on the issue and never supported the company in negotiations between possible buyer parties.

Company has mentioned that it does not wish to go against the law and after due process followed no last option was left instead of going for a legal battle, so for that, a lawsuit has been filed.

On August 6th President Donald Trump had signed an executive order which stated blocking all transactions with ByteDance in an effort to address the national emergency with due respect to the information and communication technology supply chain. The trending order has stirred the International Emergency Economic Powers Act which allows the federal government to take action against the TikTok’s continued operation within the country as it comes under a national emergency. 

Now everything will be in the court with the case being Donald Trump administration vs TikTok led by ByteDance. We will have to wait and see what course of action takes place.


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