Microsoft Now Stands By Epic Games Against Apple

The differences between Apple and other tech giants are broadening day by day. Microsoft, who already has a conflict with Apple over its cloud gaming, now reaches to court defending Epic Games and against Apple. Epic Games is the maker company of a very popular game Fortnite which has been recently removed from Apple App Store due to some policy issues.

Microsoft did a filing in the court that mentioned Apple’s decision to remove Fortnite from App Store as harmful for other creators of the games and off course the game lovers.

Epic Games has gone to the courts against Apple regarding the matter that Apple removed the game from online store because they weren’t willing to earn less commission. Not only the tech giant limited itself to that, it really threatened Epic Games. There is a software called “Unreal Engine ” which many video game studios work with to create graphics.

The California Court is seeing the case of Apple and Epic Games. Microsoft has appealed in the same court. Apple’s claim is that epic Games violated their App Store policies and according to the rules it’s programing tools can be stopped. Apple has urged to the judges that the game Fortnite should be brought back by Apple on App Store. It is about the thirty percent commission Apple earns from the revenue of companies whom it distributes its apps via App Store.

Earlier Apple App Store had removed Microsoft’s cloud gaming. It has ongoing problems with Google and Facebook too over its App Store policies.

The statement appeared as part of a complaint carried by Epic in contradiction of Apple regarding the iPhone manufacturer’s instructions assuring itself a 30 per cent decline of in-app purchases. The suit gets lodged in the US District Court. The said court is situated in the Northern District of California.

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