Google Analytics For Android Is Coming With Another Update With Much Awaited Facility

Google Analytics is coming with another latest update very soon. It had a major update for its Android in the previous month. The update was a major one as a number of changes had been made in the interface and it also had the entirely updated Google Material Theme. But this time, for the satisfaction of the users, it will offer access to firebase and specially App+Web properties with data from regular websites.

The App+Web properties were introduced more than a year ago by Google Analytics. These properties allow data usage for websites and naive applications combined into one dashboard. The new update is already available on the Google Play Store.

The earlier update was Google Analytics 4.0 and it came out late, after the updated version of Google’s Material Theme already designed the other Android applications of Google. The last update of Google Analytics Android mainly changed its look and matched other updated apps. There was whiter all around, instead of the old blue, grey and orange colors. The search bar became full-width and accounts were made easy to switch by swipe only.

In today’s world where technology is the ultimate word for many job fields, Google Analytics is a very helpful app. It is necessary for tracking and reporting website traffic, tracking social networking and other websites, measuring advertising ROI etc. The service was launched by Google in November 2005. Today it is the most popular one among the digital analytics services. It now offers various career options too.

The tech giant has big plans for the future. It is rolling out many updates on a daily basis. The users are excited as well as happy that they are getting new things to enjoy. You can easily download the update from the site. There is a link given on the site and you can easily update it.

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