Taylor Swift Donates 23,000 Euros To Student For Her Higher Studies

Celebrities are not only for our entertainment. They often inspire us to follow our passion. In fact, sometimes they practically help us for that too. Famous singer Taylor Swift has just done such a great job. She has donated a good amount of money to a young student for her higher studies. Not just the student, the netizens too showered plaudits to the singing sensation for this help.

The 18 year old Vitoria Mario had set up a fundraiser on the web for financial assistance as she wanted to be admitted in a course of mathematics at the University of Warwick. The online fundraiser page GoFundMe caught the eyes of Taylor Swift. She donated 23,373 Euros to the fund that completed the goal of 40,000 Euros.

It has not been more than four years that Vitoria came to UK from Portugal and therefore she was not eligible for loans. The bright student’s father is no more and her mother is in Portugal. She wrote that after getting the golden opportunity from the University of Warwick, her studies were still under uncertainty due to her financial condition.

She added, after mentioning all her expenses in detail that 442 established people were approached by her for assistance. Some turned her request down; some other just gave no response. She even went to the postcodes to post her story and put it into the letterboxes. To her bad luck, the scenario didn’t change.

Finally Taylor Swift came as good luck to Vitoria. After getting the money she was overwhelmed and showed her gratitude towards the star.

Taylor Swift is in charge of the Billboard 200 another time with Folklore that is speedily becoming not just be one of the most fruitful albums of 2020, however one of the longest-running chart-hits in recent times. She is one of the most loving, popular and ace singers of the present times.

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