First Story Line Of Resident Evil Revealed By Netflix

Resident Evil lovers know the essence of the story. The story is based on Capcom’s Japanese video game franchise. This is a very popular action based film series. From 2002 to 2016, six films have been released as part of Resident Evil series. But now there is a twist in the tale. The story is now releasing as a web series on the online streaming site Netflix.

The makers of the series are going to surprise the viewers with a whole new time period. Netflix revealed the story details. The story will be divided into two timelines. Viewers will see a completely new Raccoon City with a corporate look in the first timeline. The fourteen years old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker will spend time there. But with the passing moments, they will feel the dark side of the manufactured city. They will feel that their father is hiding something which may destroy the world.

The truth will be revealed in the second timeline. The period will show the time after 16 years from the first one. The world will be filled there with 15 million people and 6 billion monsters. T-virus is the main opponent here. Jade will fight T-virus to save the world.

It is guessed that the character of Jade’s father will be played by Albert Wesker. Story maker Andrew Dabb is very excited about the series. Though the date of release is not decided yet, Resident Evil fans will enjoy the series for eight hours on Netflix. Fans are obviously waiting to watch the survival game as an action series.

The first Resident Evil movie features a character that doesn’t even imprecisely bear a resemblance to any person in the games, and it’s still the best of the bunch.

We are sure that the new offering will bring something new.

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