Kidman & Tom’s Daughter Isabella Shares A Rare Selfie With Glittery Surrounding

In the last few months, due to pandemic, we were lucky enough to watch some rare glimpses of our beloved superstars. As they had nothing much to do in their work field, they pampered their fans by sharing a few of their memorable moments on the social platform. Now we are talking about Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella. She took her Insta handle to post a rare selfie.

She does not want to appear on social media very frequently. Bella just presents her artworks on the Insta account as she avoids showcasing her personal life. But it made a little different when she posted her selfie. “All that glitters is gold… oh wait, it’s just another Instagram filter,” Bella joked Sharing the picture where she wore a newsboy black cap and jacket and looked in a mirror. Gold Sparks mantled from her phone.

Earlier in this ongoing situation, Bella posted a few clicks of her home staying days. She clicked the selfie with her make-up free look which made her prettier.

Isabella is the adopted child of the celebs Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. She also has a younger brother Connor. In 2008, the couple separated and Tom cruise married Katie Holmes in 2006. The two siblings practiced Scientology and are habituated in a strained relationship with their mother. Even she did not attend Bella’s wedding and was busy in her stage performance. In an interview, Kidman told that she respects her kid’s decisions to be a Scientologist and she always loves them as a mother.

Bella and Max got married in a Scientology nuptial at the Dorchester Hotel based in the city of London. Both Bella, as well as her brother Tom, got raised in the Scientology Church where their father is a well-known personality.

There were reports that Bella had fallen out with mum Nicole over her spiritual opinions with the Moulin Rouge female performer labeled ‘suppressive’ by Scientology rulers.

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