New Film ‘Project Power’ Tops Netflix’s Top 10 Movie List With Highest Points

Recently, Netflix has started to prepare a list of the top ten. In the month of February, when the streaming site had started it, this rating seemed conventional but with the passing time, it generates revenue for the site. In every genre, viewers want to get the best among all.

This thought is obviously kept in mind for the selection of top movies. As there are lots of movies and series on Netflix, viewers are selective. When they get the top 10 list, it’s easy to select the must-watch movies. The number of series is also vast in the site.

With the help of the list, they can choose among the series too. With the list along with points, the audience can catch up with shows dominating Netflix over a longer period of time. It is helpful for the shows also. In the August list, a brand new movie came up in the first position. The movie ‘Project Power’ got 130 points in the current top ten list. The movie is set to remain in this position for no new release is on the cards for Netflix at present.

The sequence or the rankings of the flicks is as follows –

1. Project Power with the highest 130 points
2. The Lost Husband gets placed on second after getting 129 points
3. Mr. Peabody & Sherman gets placed on third after getting 115 points
4. Jurassic Park gets placed on forth after getting102 points
5. Dennis the Menace gets placed on fifth after getting 101 points
6. Work It gets placed on sixth after getting 93 points
7. Drunk Parents gets placed on seventh after getting 73 points
8. The Kissing Booth 2 gets 59 points
9. Despicable Me gets 53 points
10. Mr. Deeds gets 51 points

As ‘Project Power’ catches all eyes, it will be soon in the top ten movie list of the year as well. At this moment, it is on the 12th number on the 2020 list.

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