Sister Of Britney Spears Seeks More Power On Her Assets Now

Britney Spears’ sister now wants more control over her assets. Jamie Lynn Spears is a trustee of Britney’s estate of multimillion-dollars. Now she is demanding more power. Britney’s conservatorship is already going through a lot of complications.

Former Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn, 29 filed papers in court last week. There she appealed to the court as the trustee of the estate those assets of the SJB revocable Trust should be moved into one or more accounts with her as the custodian. If Jamie’s appeal is granted, Britney can not remove the assets from those accounts without judge’s approval.

The trust was set up in 2004 by the singer to secure the future of her children. Amending it in 2018, Jamie Lynn was made the trustee, to look upon the assets for Britney’s children.

The singer’s conservatorship battle is now in courts too. In these circumstances, it can’t be said whether this filing by her sister would affect that case. Currently, her father is the conservator of her life, career and money, which she is unwilling to. At a time when her father was off for his health reasons, Britney appealed to the court to remove her father from the post.

But her father’s conservatorship was extended to 2021. Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, appealed to the court requesting reappointment of Andrew Wallet in the co-conservator post. He also submitted documents to continue the conservatorship, mentioning that her daughter was unable to maintain those things.

For the past 12 year period, the singer’s dad as well as solicitor have looked after her possessions and own life – comprising being capable of limiting her visitors and converse with medics about her cure.

That conservatorship has been stretched to 2021 in spite of the singer’s attorneys telling the law court formerly this month that Britney is “sturdily opposed” to her daddy remaining the only conservator of her private and monetary well-being.

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