Kanye West May Buy Another Ranch In Wyoming

American rapper and presidential candidate Kanye West seems to be looking for another ranch for his horses so that they can get more space. Sources have said that Kanye has visited the Double Doc Ranch which is located in Cody of Wyoming city. It is also being known that he has liked the ranch and may buy that.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife had earlier shared a picture of a new Friesian horse which she mentioned to be of North, their elder child. She also shared with her Twitter followers that 14 Friesian horses were there on their ranch. The other horses will be shifted to Double Doc, as it is being known.

The horse ranch is where horses are kept and all activities related to them like training, breeding, and events are arranged there. The ranch Kanye has just visited in Cody, Double Doc, consumes 76 acre land. Its last price is known to be 3.39 million dollar. Kanye has already bought two ranches in the surrounding area of Cody in the previous year. One is The Monster Lake Ranch and the other is the Bighorn Mountain Ranch in September and November in the year 2019 respectively. Both the two ranches cost 14 million dollars.

Kanye has been given permission to build a mansion of 52,000 sq. ft. in the place where the lakeside ranch is situated. Kanye’s Wyoming connections seem to become stronger now if he buys the third ranch. Amid all this, Kanye is regularly in the news now as he is a presidential candidate in USA elections doing to be held soon.

The main house at the Double Doc Ranch is made to balance ‘Wyoming stylishness and family cordiality.’ The complete size windows of the ‘Great Room’ offer gorgeous opinions of the farm in the center stage and the foothills in the backdrop.

In addition, the windows supply natural light to escalate the ‘Brazilian Cherry hand-hewn, wood pegged beams, which span above your head.’


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