Netflix’s Movie Of The Week Is ‘High Flying Bird’

NBA’s walkout is becoming a bliss for High Flying Bird. As the movie was very much related to the protest, it became the movie of the week on Netflix. The movie was released on Netflix last year in February. But after NBA’s walkout, it became the movie of the week on the streaming site. This site has recently started to make a list among the movies and series according to its popularity.

Steven Soderbergh’s ‘High Flying Bird’ is an unusual sports drama. It is a story of a black athlete’s empowerment. In this movie, Melvin Gregg acted as Erick Scott and Ray Burke’s role was played by Andre Holland. The story tells about a sports agent and his controversial opportunity. The thistly issues of labor and class division were featured in the film.

After the attack on Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, High Flying Bird seems to be like a reverberant of the non-whites. After the Jacob incident, NBA players stopped playoff games. The film showed that a rookie NBA player received a gift from his former agent Harry Edwards. The basketball team NBA’s current situation is just like the movie showed. Reel and real cannot be divided here.

Though the non-white protagonist topic is quite unnatural for a Soderbergh movie, the 90 minutes feature was appreciated a lot by the audience. On the other side, the situation is becoming tough day by day due to the pandemic. To continue the protest, the NBA asked for financial contributions.

The complete movie was filmed on the iPhone8. After ‘Unsane’, it is the second success of Soderbergh through iPhone filming. The Netflix original, the movie is distinctive in the sense that it was totally shot making use of just an iPhone 8. It is ace and well-known film director Soderbergh’s second movie to be shot with a handset only.

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