Taylor Swift Dominates The Rock Charts Now

Pop and country music are the genres where very few can be considered better than Taylor Swift. Billboard charts show that, projecting the huge number of songs sung by Swift on their lists. Taylor’s Folklore magic is on. The latest full-length mixed-genre album of the singer has held the top position for days. With this, she is now leading the company’s rock-only rankings. The soundtracks of Folklore have proved her to be such a soulful rock singer.

Billboard has changed the name Hot Rock songs chart and the new name is Hot Rock/Alternative Songs chart. More items have been added to the tally now, because of this change and the benefit of it is being enjoyed by Swift quite well.

Billboard’s lists of different genres included 11 out of 16 songs from Folklore, 8 of them getting a place on top 10. But it is known to all that Taylor Swift is not famous for rock music Still. 8 of the top 10 songs has made Swift dominate the Hot Rock/Alternative Songs chart of Billboard.

The Hot Rock and the Alternative Songs charts don’t have many differences in specifications. As a result, when Taylor’s songs got included on the one, the other also had places for the songs. The “cardigan” song was all over there and it is now one of the most popular songs of Swift.

Taylor Swift’s performance was fascinating in the album Folklore. 9 out of 10 top songs of the Alternative Streaming chart was only hers. Alternative Digital Songs Sales chart, however, had 10 songs of the album. It’s not easy to mark even two spots on the top chart at the same time, because of the newly-designed tally system.

She is a real queen who has been topping the charts on a continuous basis. She has earned fame and name through her hard work.

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