Good News For New Jersey: Movie Theaters To Be Reopened From Friday

After a long waiting period, Governor Phil Murphy has decided to reopen the movie theaters in New Jersey on Friday. When Gov. announced the decision on Monday, he emphasized that the cinema halls must be opened for a limited capacity.

Earlier, movie chains met the governor with their safety protocols list for reopening. But the government thought that cinema halls are riskier and less essential than other places which were already reopened. Now with this decision movie theater owners got relieved.

In the order, it is clearly mentioned that theaters must make masks mandatory for all and social distancing has to be maintained with a sitting capacity of 25% or 150 audiences. The order also directed that patrons who will purchase tickets together can sit next to each other. But at least six feet distance has to be maintained by different groups of moviegoers.

Last weekend 50% of the movie theaters in the USA got permission to be reopened. Only four states were left along with New Jersey. New York is still stuck to its decision of keeping movie theaters closed for safety reasons.

This Labor Day weekend will come with joy for the people as they can spend time in theaters after a long time. About 100 theaters will reopen this weekend. As this is a short-termed notice from Murphy, all the theaters will not be able to open. Christopher Nolan’s movie “Tenet” will be released there on this weekend.

After the order came from Gov. Murphy, movie theater owners have to rehire staff and train them to maintain safety norms. They have only four days to arrange all this. Those who are unable to manage it in between have decided not to open theaters this weekend.

But, we have to see the response of the fans whether they come to watch movies or not.

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