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‘New Girls’ Mates Never Hang Out Together, Jake Johnson Shares The Reason

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The co-stars of ‘New Girls’ share a close friendship. But surprisingly they never go anywhere to hang out. Except for the time of filming on the sets, the sitcom’s cast never spends leisure time. Jake Johnson aka Nick Miller revealed the reason behind it. On the podcast of ‘Life Is Short with Justin Long’, Jake explained the cause.

The sitcom had 7 seasons. It began in 2011 and completed the journey in 2018. On the sets, the bonding between Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, and Damon Wayans Jr was too strong. The cast of the show is still pals but they have never seen each other outside the sets. During the filming of ‘New Girls’ in different locations, they used to eat together.

Johnson told that all of them have to maintain a tight work schedule which doesn’t allow them to continue the friendship and hang out with all. He engaged with Max often by texting, but that’s all.

Though they are friends, when Max asked him to spend ‘FaceTime’, he just replied with ‘Leave me alone’, without any cause. In Jake’s words, projects give them the chance to work together, to spend time together. They may see each other only through work. Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone Johnson are also in touch, but in text or for working in another project together.

Fans of ‘New Girls’ may get hurt after knowing that, whom they think the close pals, have not even met outside for once. If Johnson’s version is the only cause of it, then only working together in another project can get them reunited. Jake Johnson also said, “I would be amazed if there’s no kind of a thing in the future where everybody returns.”

“I commenced censoring myself, I began being more accountable when Zooey showcased signals of being slightly aggravated,” Long admitted.

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