Kanye West Opens Up On Sharing The Thought Of Aborting Their First Child

Rapper Kanye West has opened up about the recent happenings in his life in an interview on the podcast Cannon’s Class by Nick Canon on Tuesday. He even didn’t hesitate to tell that they were ready to abort their child North West who is seven years old now.

Kanye shared what happened in 2012 when Kim Kardashian, his wife, informed him about her pregnancy with their first child. Kanye said Kim was screaming and crying. He added, his wife made him understand that a baby inside the mother’s womb is actually a soul.

Earlier when Kanye opened up on personal matters related to North during campaigning as a presidential candidate, that almost led to the couple’s divorce. He was also criticized for revealing such an incident and crying.

In the first part of the interview, West said that the story and the tears motivated many people to refrain from abortion. But it was unclear from Kanye’s statement how Kim reacted to him for discussing the story publicly. He said that his father Ray West made him apologize.

He said that all he did was because he is sensitive enough. He also spoke up in the interview for a great portion of time on aborting black babies every day. He mentioned a horrifying statistics of the last 50 years regarding the killing of black babies.

The well known and popular singer also raised his voice against the organization Planned Parenthood and also called it as being set up to kill black people. He showed his annoyance against the organization’s founder too.

Kanye talked about being criticized for sharing an image of a fetus. He was upset about how his appeal to humanity was demeaned. However, in the first part, Kanye did not say more about Kim Kardashian and the problems between the two.

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