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Britney Spears Wants Her Conservatorship Battle To Be Open To All Now


Britney Spears has gone against her father again. Her father appealed to close the legal proceedings that are going on in the court over the singer’s conservatorship. Britney has opposed her father’s request. Her attorney filed a court document in the Los Angeles Superior Court arguing that she is opposing keeping her “legal struggle hidden away as a family secret”.

Britney’s father James Spears has been her legal conservator for over a decade. She has sought assistance from the court to curb her father’s power over her life. Now the father and daughter are fighting over the conservatorship of the pop star’s personal and financial affairs.

In the meantime, there is a campaign going on as #FreeBritney since last year. The fans of the singer want her to be free. This has been indirectly mentioned in the recent court filing of Britney Spears. It states that the battle should be made public.

The court had extended the current conservatorship term of Briney last month until next year. From last year’s September, Jodi Pais Montogomery has taken the place of James Spears temporarily. But Britney wants that Montogomery’s appointment as the conservator of her personal affairs turns into a permanent one, as she clearly doesn’t want her father’s control over her. Britney also requested for a ” qualified corporate fiduciary” to look into her estate permanently. A name has also come out which Britney would like to appoint, according to reports. That is of the private financial company named Bessemer Trust.

Jamie, on the other hand, requested re-appointment of Andrew M Wallet to serve as co-conservator and the request has been reportedly granted. Wallet served as Britney’s co-conservator from 2009-2019 whereas Jamie started serving from 2008. Britney’s court filing says that initially, the conservatorship saved her when she was in severe crisis. But then the singer had regained her position. So, with her changing needs, conservatorship can’t be the same for so long.

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