Angelina Jolie Is Angry With Brad Pitt For Taking Nicole To The Place Of Their Wedding

Angelina Jolie has reportedly been very annoyed with ex-husband Brad Pitt. During Brad and his new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski’s holiday trip, Bard had taken her to his home in the South of France where he and Jolie got married. A source has revealed that Angelina Jolie is “furious” after getting the news and she couldn’t think Brad can do such a thing. The source also said that Angelina doesn’t like the fact that Brad Pitt is roaming around with her girlfriend so openly.

The home that Brad owns in the South of France is a luxurious one. Angelina Jolie and the 56 year old actor married each other in the year 2014. They have six kids together including twins. Jolie and Brad co-owned the estate. Their ways parted in September 2016. The source added that this act of Brad will take his relationship with ex-wife to a new low.

“It grosses Angeline out that he’s frolicking around Europe so openly with Nichole Poturalski, in place of keeping an isolated and distinguished top on his love life,” the source stated.

Meanwhile, Jolie is focusing on their children more. The custody of the six children is a legal battle now. The court proceedings are going on. Angelina has full custody of the kids temporarily. Brad had got permission to visit them only, under supervision, as investigations were going on against him by child services. The investigation, however, found nothing wrong with his acts.

Nichole Poturalski is a German model. She was reportedly in an open marriage with Roland Mary. Ronald, 68, is a restaurateur. Some days ago, Brad and Nicole went to South France to spend vacations, as per reports. They were earlier seen together in some places after they first met each other at a party in 2019. But spending this holiday together has confirmed that the two are in a relationship.


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