Rihanna Meets E-scooter Accident, Suffers Face Injuries

Singer Rihanna has met an electric scooter accident recently and is recovering from the injuries now. She was spotted in Los Angeles outside a restaurant when a swelling on her face and a black eye were visible. The skin-care tycoon was evidently not willing to caught by the cameras. She came in her car for a takeaway food order. After the picture of her injuries came out, fans were speculating she might be involved in a physical altercation. But finally, the singer’s representative cleared that she met an accident a few days ago. Rihanna’s face and forehead were bruised when she flipped over an electric bike but now she is fine and healing quickly, stated the 32 year old representative.

But for Rihanna, this case of the battered face is not new. When she was with Chris Brown, her then-boyfriend, Rihanna became a victim of domestic violence. This was case of 2009, on the day before Grammy Awards. The two had a fight following which Chris had assaulted her. Five years of probation along with 180 days of community labor was the punishment for Chris Brown. At that time also, the singer’s face was affected.

On the professional field, the singer of “Diamonds” is going well. She has just released Fenty Skin campaign. Apart from that, the next summer will see the singer’s Amazon documentary.

Rihanna was praised broadly by director Peter Berg. He said that she is growing every day. She always engages herself in new things. He appreciated how Rihanna comes up with something new either in singing or in the fashion world every time.

As per Forbes, U.S. hospitals admitted almost 3,300 persons having scooter-related wounds between the years 2014 and 2018, approximately 365% escalation from the pre-scooter spells. That similar space apparently witnessed over 39,000 scooter damages wholly, a lot of which did not need hospitalization.

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