A Shocking Revelation: Coronavirus Was Created In Wuhan Lab? See What Chinese Virologist Li-Meng Exposed!

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, any news related to coronavirus can create havoc everywhere. However, it is being predicted that coronavirus was created in Wuhan lab.

source: DNA

Dr Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist, has made a shocking revelation. According to her, the Corona Virus was made in Wuhan’s lab. however, she has been researching it quite a long time.

Yan was associated with Hong Kong School of Public Health. And her research disclosed a lot of facts. Her research was indicating the origin of coronavirus from China.

No matter what happened, but Beijing has appeared in front of the whole world once again.

It’s been a long time since the pandemic outbreak, US and it’s allies alleged China of creating the virus.

CHINA: Proven Guilty

Although China never accepted any accusations on it, this time it has been proved guilty by the virologists.

The whole world is evident that the World Health organisation remain silent over the coronavirus outbreak. Even the predicted danger warnings were ignored previously.

But now the Virologist has exposed about the real strategy of the Chinese government behind Wuhan Lab controversy. She also revealed that the origin of the virus is not from the meat market of Wuhan. However, that was only to cover up the real source.

This is simply a human-made virus and not a natural one. After a lot of research and intelligence query, she got to know about the manufacture of the Virus.

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