IRS Comes Forward To Distribute Stimulus Money To The Eligible Americans!

IRS Comes Forward To Distribute Stimulus Money The To Eligible Americans!


The IRS or Internal Revenue Service is coming forward to put some last moment effort the for 9 million eligible Americans. It’s main motive is to distribute the CARES Act stimulus money to the ones who are eligible but haven’t yet claimed for it. The agency will send letters starting on Sept. 24 to notify those who haven’t filed federal taxes for 2018 and 2019 but meets the income criteria. 

Jack Gillis said “The good news is that millions of Americans who never received the COVID-19-related stimulus funds have another chance to get their fair share of this distribution. The bad news is that the IRS needs to find you.”

The stimulus checks have been sent to tax filers, then to the veterans, seniors and disabled. IRS is also trying to find out the people who have not applied as they aren’t in Washington’s radar till now.  

The money will be provided to the poorest Americans, that is, those whose income level falls below a certain level. They need to file tax. $12,200 will be given out to the single filers, and $2,400 to married couples where parents with minor children could get an additional $500 for each kid. 

Process To Apply For Stimulus Money For Non-Filers

The interested people have to fill up a form on the IRS website to register themselves. Through these details, the agency will reach out to the people who are eligible for the money. The last date for the eligible non-filers to register themselves is Oct. 15. And the deadline for parents with minor children to get an additional $500 for each kid is Sept.30. 

“It’s par for the course for this administration,” Mierzwinski said. “I hope that the Democrats insist that that deadline be extended,” he added.

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