Anti-China Protests Raged in Mongolia

A series of events started a spur with Anti-China chants. An ethnic Mongolian father admitted defeat after days of fighting against a curriculum imposed by the Chinese State. His son returned home under the watchful eyes of plainclothed police. The Father says he fears that this will suffocate his culture. “The spirit is still there, but we are scared,” he said.

Little by little, however, parents have started to send their kids back. Thousands of people took part in a school boycott near Inner Mongolia. A vast expanse of northern China where herders marshall livestock across grasslands. To protest against as edict Mandarin-language teaching, over fears it will wipe their language out.

So far, this is the most massive mass rally that China has observed in decades. The authorities under Chinese President Xi Jinping book no dissent.

Source: The Indian Express

In Tongliao, armoured vehicles moved in to surround schools. It created a stronghold of Anti-China resistance where ethnic Mongolians make up half of the population. The clampdown echoes Beijing’s moves in Xinjiang and Tibet. The two cities have similar policies to assimilate local minorities into the Han community.

Police offered cash bounties to ringleaders and publicized the arrest of suspects. They accused of gathering signatures and sharing dissent texts on WeChat.

Parents threatened when they refused to send their children to school.

They threatened with layoffs, fines, and students’ expulsions.

During a recent trip, AFP reporters tailed by a convoy of propaganda officials. Hastily imposed for the start of term on 1st of September. the new rules said Mandarin must be taught from first grade. However, This is now first year earlier than before.

The Mongols have started Anti-China protests because a curriculum represents that China is determined to wipe out Mongol Language, culture and its overall identity. Director of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Info Centre, Enghebatu Togochog stated.

Watch the protest in this video.


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