US Dept. Lifts Their Travel Prohibitions To China

e State Department still urges Americans to reconsider travel to China, but it upgraded its advice from a blanket warning not to go to the country. The United States has eased its travel-against-China alarm. US acknowledged that the nation made progress against COVID-19 despite the frequent criticism of its pandemic role.

The State Department urged Americans to reconsider their Chinese trips. It upgraded its advice from a blanket warning not to go to the country. The State Department said that the People’s Republic Of China had resumed most of its business operations.

Source: DW

Hong Kong and Beijing enforced a strict new security law. US citizens recieved cautions separately by the State Department about the risk of arbitrary arrest in China.

The updated travel advice comes a week after China declared victory because of the virus, as President Xi Jinping decorated medical professionals in a triumphant ceremony. Chinese propaganda machine COVID-19 reframed as an example of the state’s agile leadership.

Trump’s administration frequently lashed out at China, blaming it for COVID-19. However, Initial news reportedly suppressed when cases first reported in the city of Wuhan.

Source: Quartz

Us elections are less than two months away, and Trump is facing heavy criticism mainly because he handled the health crisis in the United States, which has suffered the highest death count of any country.

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