Joe Biden Visits Florida – Shores Up Votes Among Latinos And Veterans

Joe Biden Visits Florida – Shores Up Votes Among Latinos And Veterans

On Tuesday, former President Joe Biden visits Florida to prop up support among Latinos and veterans. This is Biden’s first campaign as the Democratic presidential nominee.

In his campaign, Biden accused his rival, President Trump, of doing “nothing but assault the dignity of Hispanic families over and over and over and once again .” And he also referred himself as the champion in his community.


At a speech in Kissimmee, a hub of Florida’s Puerto Rican population, Biden said, “There’s no separating out Hispanic heritage from American heritage. These stories are one and therefore the same and growing more vibrantly and twined every single day today.”

“It is not an exaggeration to mention that the long term of the success of this country depends on Hispanics having the opportunities and therefore the tools they have to succeed,” Biden added.

With each passing day, competition between Trump and Biden to win the Presidential election 2020 is becoming harder.

Also, President Trump won the 2016 state’s election roughly by 114,000 votes which account for just 1.2%.

A recent survey conducted by Monmouth University in New Jersey, says that Trump is leading over Biden by five is to three points within the state. Hence, we will say that though Biden has an everywhere advantage. But Trump has a plus when it involves the Latinos.

“Biden’s current lead among Latinos is analogous to [Hillary] Clinton’s margin four years ago. One difference, though, is how Florida’s Latino electorate has shifted since 2016,” said Patrick Murray, director of the university’s polling institute. “There has been an influx of residents from Puerto Rico and a growing number of young voters. These groups tend to be more Democratic, which actually suggests that Trump might be doing slightly better among older Latino voters than he did four years ago.”


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