Zendaya Wins Emmy for Brilliant Performance in Euphoria

Zendaya has been the youngest actress to receive an Emmy in a drama. This actress even came up over Jennifer Aniston and Laura Linney. Zendaya just 24, became the youngest Emmy winner for best lead actress in a drama for her. The role was of Rue on HBO’s Euphoria. The actress too was amaze with this announcement. The actress was not even ready with an acceptance speech. But “This is pretty crazy,” the word Zendaya said. In fact for her this seemed to be weird time to be celebrating because this was a virtual ceremony, surrounded by her family.

There were many strong competitors but she receives the award and this proves her worth. She could portray this role so well that people really identified this girl Rue. Even though the character was quite tough to portray Zendaya gave her perfect shot.

Zendaya had begun her career with Disney Channel shows like Shake It Up and KC Undercover and then also appeared in two Spider-Man films and The Greatest Showman.

Her outfit was custom and it was a black velvet bandeau top fully embroidered with pearls and crystals paired with a black matte weave skirt with powder-pink polka dots. This was really a big day for her.

There was virtual celebration and with her family she was feeling truly amazing. Over a period of time she became a great actress and the result are here. 

Are you Zendaya fan? If yes then you will really feel amazing with this news of her winning. The actress feel that she has learned a lot over a period of time and so when it was the time to be innovative she could prove her worth pretty well. The actress loved her character too much of that of Rue.

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