Apple Watch Series 6 is on its way: Know about the features.

Apple Watch Series 6 is on its way, and this model comes in the colours such as gold, black, blue and red. This watch has a new and better processor, and hence this product is 20 per cent faster than the previous one. The latest feature that is within this gadget is the newest health sensor which tells you about the blood oxygen levels. There is a bright display as well. All these features make this product a desirable one.

The features that were present in Series 5 are already present in series 6. These include:

  • Fall detection
  • ECG
  • Fitness tracking

For series 6th there are two options, and they include GPS Plus and GPS Plus LTE. There’s also a size difference, and that is 40mm and 44mm.

An upgrade of Watch OS 7 will also be possible. When upgraded, there would be face workout, hand wash detection and even bedtime routine.

Buying an Apple Watch would indeed be good. So you can either go for a series five or series 6. If you wish to purchase a cheaper version, then opt for Apple watch SE. This one is available on sale at Amazon.

Are you looking for a good health product? This one will bring you a lot of options. So if you have made up your mind to buy such a product, you will have to check that whether 5 or 6 watches with your needs? Buying one will surely be useful for your fitness regime.

Are you a fan of Apple Watch? If yes there would be many options available and hence just think which model seems to be best for you. Wear this one and be ready to wear fitness on your wrist for sure.

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