Black Noir has a lot of powers in Boys season 2 : Even more than you can imagine!

Black Noir never removes his mask even when he receives a phone call and the reason for this is explained in the comic. In season 1 his identity was not revealed. Even in season 2 we do not know that whether his identity will be revealed or not, but we know that he has a lot of powers and you can compare him with Queen Maeve.

Black Noir is super powerful in terms of strength and stealth! He also has the habit of appearing as well as disappearing all of a sudden.  

Black Noir has the powers of a trained Ninja and there are Compound V super powers too. This giant also can take the fiery blasts. He is massive, smart and has inhumane durability too. Black Noir has the best level of agility and has all the super hero talents.

If you are a The Boys fan then you should check the schedule of the release. The season 1 was quite successful and now when boys season 2 is expected it is really going to be awesome.

So now when you got to know about these exclusive powers it is for sure that you will gain the better idea about him.

In Season 2 you will find whole range of powers for Black Noir. Are you a fan of The Boys? If yes then this second season will bring in a lot of fun factors.  What do you think? Will Black Noir reveal his identity in the second season or not? Do let u know what you feel about the powers of Black Noir.

His stealth and strength are just so good. You would become the fan of his powers for sure.

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