China Fires Back On US At UNSC Meeting Over Pandemic

After getting criticized repeatedly, China has raised voice at United Nations Security Council meeting. Earlier on this week President Donald Trump had attacked China on the Covid-19 issue while addressing the General Assembly. China’s representative Zhang Jun took the chance to reply in UN meeting and said, “Enough is enough”.
China was scalped over the corona virus issue by US representative Kelly Craft in UN Security Council meeting. She condemned the country and claimed that Beijing is responsible for transforming a local epidemic into a global pandemic by hiding the origins of the virus, minimizing its danger and suppressing scientific cooperation.
Zhang Jun claimed in his speech that all the accusations are baseless. He blamed US for creating troubles for the world. Zhang mentioned the fact that though US is an enriched country with the most advanced medical technologies and system in the world, they have failed to control the pandemic cases.
Due to pandemic, the UN Security Council meeting is being conducted virtually. When the representatives are blaming each other in such a way, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres tried hard to maintain peace and pleaded to the members to maintain unity. He also warned that the relationship between US and China is getting worse  day by day and it’s turning towards a dangerous direction.
The Russian representative Vassily Nebenzia also condemned the allegations that the US representative Kelly Craft has brought in the meeting. He told that it is very unfortunate that the US Ambassador has chosen the UN meeting for making such comments. According to Nebenzia, a member of the UN Security Council should not be accused that way.
US President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has demanded stern action against China for spreading coronavirus.

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