Trump Hits Out At Fox News For Showing Polls That Don’t Favor Him

President Donald Trump is very much annoyed with Fox News among the pollsters. The Fox News polls showed that in Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Bidden leads President Donald Trump. Specially in Ohio the former vice president leads the President 50-45. In 2016, Trump won in Ohio and Florida. But this time in Florida, the battle will be tight. So, Ohio’s result cannot be avoided. Trump is quite sure about his win in that state. But Rasmussen and Quinnipiac University poll are also showing that Biden leads Trump in Ohio. After it is circulated, President Trump has lashed out at the news network.
In his Twitter account, Trump has mentioned 2016’s Fox News Poll and taken a dig on them. He wrote that it was one of the worst polls. Fox was ridiculously wrong. They had told that they would change pollsters, but they didn’t keep their words. Trump added that in 2016, Democrats were totally over sampled by Fox in such a level that even a child could see what happened actually. He also wrote that Rasmussen was accurate in case of 52% polls.
Apart from social media, Trump attacked Fox in interviews also. He repeatedly claimed that it is the worst among the pollsters.
According to Fox’s voter surveys, the majority didn’t give high marks to Trump as a President. He was criticized over failing to control the pandemic also. The pluralities among the three states prefer Biden for the way he handled the pandemic. Fox News has shown that a few votes are undecided. Mainly the voters above 65 years and under 35 years have kept trust on Joe Biden.

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