USA Yet In First Wave Of Pandemic, Fall And Winter May Be A Challenge, Says Expert

The US is in the first wave of pandemic till now. The number of new cases has never decreased significantly, thinks Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the leading experts of the nation for infectious disease.
Based on the pattern that had been noticed during the pandemic of 1918, an idea has been figured out about the second wave. It had been noticed then, that cases “literally disappeared” after spring only to come back as an “explosion” in the fall, said the doctor.
He has mentioned the second wave as “the challenge of the fall and the winter.” In the fall and the winter, the number of cases can increase across the nation as schools, colleges, cinema halls and other places where people can gather will be opened gradually. Also, when the weather will be cooler, people will choose indoor places to gather for any event rather than outdoor locations. The virus will spread faster then.
Another challenge for the winter season is that it’s usually a flu season. So the virus will be doubly powered if one gets affected by the flu. The director of the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Robert Redfield thinks that this fall and winter could be historically tough.
Currently, 6.9 billion people are affected by the pandemic in USA. The number of people passed away due to this pandemic is not less than 202,000. Dr.Redfield has recently said that over 90 percent of the total population is suspectible to the virus.
At present, the number of new cases in 23 states in heartland and Midwest of the country has increased in comparison to the last week. A decline has been noticed in 11 states whereas almost 16 states saw a steady hike.

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