Voting Rules Are Still In Flux As USA To Go For Poll In Six Weeks

USA will go for elections to choose their new president in less than six weeks. But still the battle over voting rules are going on. The two parties are adamant to stick to their own standpoints over the issue of the laws governing how American will vote. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has repeatedly declared to challenge the outcome if it goes against him.
Whether the postal service has the capacity to deal with a flood of mail ballots has been a matter of concern. Pandemic is the main challenge now. To add to all these, the Democrats are constantly pushing it for an expanded access to voting rights and the Republicans are trying to limit the rights. Almost all the states which will go for voting are facing litigation and legislative battles. Early voting has already gotten underway but the issues over election rules have not been solved yet.
Donald Trump has clearly refused to transfer the power peacefully and has campaigned for casting doubt on the results and the voting system. His commitment towards the Constitution is a matter of concern now. Trump has mentioned the mail-in-ballots system as “a whole big scam” and stated that he is unsure about the fact that the upcoming elections will be “honest.”
A serious confusion about how the voting will be conducted and how the votes will be counted has taken place and it is a never seen before situation.


It has already become a legal battle in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and there are high chances that it will affect the mail-in-ballots system there. The voters need a safe and easy way to cast their votes and this time Americans are being thought to vote in a different process.

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