Google Chrome is the most used web browser as of today. It is light and with a minimalistic User-Interface (UI). But the question arises; does the default appearance with the blinding white background seem monotonous? Did you know that you could change the look of your Google Chrome window? Google Chrome Themes is the answer to all your questions.  There are several visually appealing options to choose from, ranging from feminine to superhero themes.

Following are the top 15:

  1. Themes published by Google Chrome:

The Google team recently launched their very own themes on Chrome. There are 14 themes on offer. All 14 have different colours schemes. These themes are very simple and colour the UI uniformly. If you solely want to change the white background, this should be your go-to theme.

  1. Colour Fusion

Unlike the previous theme, this one instead, brings a stunning gradient fill. It has different colour fusions for the bookmark bar, address bar and the tabs.

  1. Deep Space Theme in Black

This galactic theme catches the eye instantly. The galaxy looks three-dimensional and hence mesmerizes the viewer. Those who prefer darker tones on their screen should opt for this.

  1. Beauty

This one’s for the nature darlings. The picturesque landscape looks serene, basic and quiet. The beautiful pink sky and the endless stretches of bright green grass will force you to open your browser again and again.

  1. Sunset Theme

The extraordinary pink sunset will surely make you fall in love with them even if you’re more of a sunrise person. It is moreover unisexual and not too bright.

  1. Night Time in New York City

Another one for the dark mode fans, this theme beautifully shows the New York skyline adorned with its skyscrapers. New York City is on the bucket list of millions.

  1. Iron Man Material Design

For the Tony Stark fans, Sudarshan R has designed this muted and soothing theme where iron man floats in the center like a guardian for your search tab. The combination of colours and hyperspace is brilliant and is recommended for Marvel fans.

  1. Lamborghini Cherry

This one is a modern car concept theme for all the car enthusiasts. This design by Jallacy earned 4.5 out of 5 stars. The background is very simple yet high definition. The striking red Lamborghini will make your mundane Google go from 0 to 100 in a few seconds.



For those who are full of joy and like colours in their lives, Promideus has designed this vibrant theme to cheer you up on those gloomy Mondays. The background of the theme has colourful splashes, which looks impressive with the plain white Chrome background.

  1. Marc Ecko

This is indeed the most creative on the list. It is colourful, vibrant and the curved patterns are extremely imaginative. It seems to be inspired from Japanese Anime or gangster graffiti.

  1. Oceanic

This theme is perfect if you want one, which will soothe your eyes. The interface is smooth and simple with a solid teal background.

  1. Zodiac Animals

Created by Google, is a series of themes associating to the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. The animated art is cute and enables easy access to tabs with colour.

  1. Night Shift

This theme has an extra edge over other dark themes. It automatically shifts the colours of the browser to warmer tones after dark so as to reduce strain.

  1. Raindrops

The background image with raindrops feels so realistic that it can provide users the experience of seeing raindrops on their windows.

  1. Indescribable

This theme is made for those who love to travel and miss witnessing the waves at the beaches in real time. The viewer gets to see clear turquoise waters and sandy beaches.

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